This year has been quite busy and productive so far. In addition to extensive touring around the United States and Europe with Jamison Ross, I have been conducting extensive research on Jorge Luis Borges and the music of Argentina. All of this will culminate in the world premiere of a new suite I'm composing inspired by the radical and highly influential short stories of Borges. 

There are two major components to this project: the first is a deep reading and study of Borges as a writer, thinker, and human being. His writing is imaginative, concise, and stunning in its layers of reference, and I am attempting to echo that in my music.

The second component is a study of Argentinian music, both the urban strains of tango and the folk strains that are found elsewhere in the country.   

As part of this research, I have compiled a Spotify playlist (non-exhaustive, evolving) that documents some of the music that has stood out to me. Musical styles such as chacarera, zamba, gato, and cuarteto - all very new and exciting to me - are featured alongside music from wildly different folk traditions. Feel free to listen and follow!